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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

CPI was first established in Indonesia in early 1924. Standard Oil Company of California (Socal) and Texas Oil Company (Texaco) formed a joint venture company in the Sumatra region, named NV Nederlandsche Pacific Petroleum Maatschappij or NPPM. This company found a non-productive oil wells are finally closed. In 1944, geologist NPPM, Richard H. Hopper and Toru Oki and his team discovered the largest oil wells in Southeast Asia, Minas. The well was originally named Minas No 1. Minas famous types of Sumatra Light Crude oil (SLC) is good and has a low sulfur content.

In the early 1950s, NPPM changed its name to Caltex Pacific Oil Company (CPOC), and began to export oil from Minas, through Perawang. Barupun oil wells found in the Duri, Bengkalis, and Petapahan. Caltexpun name changed again in the early 1960s became Caltex Pacific Company (CPC).

As more and more oil wells found in the area of operations of Caltex, daerahpun map created. Operation area maps are usually called Kangaroo Block, because its shape is like a kangaroo. Outside the Kangaroo Block, Caltex (which in the 1970s once again changed its name to PT Caltex Pacific Indonsia) at that time also the Coastal Plains Pekanbaru mengopeasikan Block (CPP Block) and Block Mount Front Kuantan (MFK Block).

In 1980, the CPI was in need of a breakthrough to increase oil production in the Duri oil field. At this year's Steam Injection System project built the largest in the world, namely Duri Steam Flood, which was inaugurated President Soeharto in the mid-1980s.

In 2005, Caltex, a subsidiary of Chevron and Texaco Inc. acquired by Chevron with Texaco and Unocal. So, the official name of PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, changed into PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia.

PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) through the work zone in Sumatra has been successfully producing oil for more than 11 billion barrels. Achieving these production gives a special meaning in a historical landmark in Indonesian oil and gas industry.

CPI has been operating in Indonesia since 85 years ago, starting from the Duri Field in 1941 and then Minas Field, 1944. Under the supervision of the Indonesian government, currently Chevron Pacific Indonesia KKKS been producing in the Field of Rokan, Siak and also Block MFK (Mountain Front Kuantan).

"Achieving production of 11 billion barrels is a proud achievement in Indonesian petroleum industry, and also as a historical landmark in commemoration of 85 years operating in the country's CPI," said Managing MOM, Steve Green. "Sumatra Field has 50 years to produce crude oil production and a strong committed CPI to continue production by using more advanced technology in an effort to increase petroleum products in the years to come."

Duri Field is one of the largest producers of energy resources in the world. After approximately 50 years, the CPI in the working area of Sumatra produces more than half of Indonesian petroleum products.

Type : Limited liability company
Industry : Petroleum
Headquarters : Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia
Parent : Chevron Corporation
Location : Rumbai, Dumai, Duri, Minas
Website : http://www.chevron.com

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22 August 2011 at 00:16

Numpang nanya mas, Pick up poin bus caltex di Dumai alamatnya dimana ya?

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