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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Port of Dumai

Port of Dumai is located in Riau province, an area affected by the economic cooperation between Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, resulting in growth in industry and tourism sectors.

PT Indonesian Port I (Persero) Branch which manages Dumai Dumai Port is headed by a General Manager in the execution of their duties solely to the Board of Directors of java. Indonesian Port I (Persero) and assisted by 8 (eight) and a Division Manager (one) Chief Representative.

Dumai Port in its activities to serve the ships both domestically and internationally with various types of vessels both passenger and goods ship.

Dumai Port Branch is located at position 00 ° -55 '-55 "N and 104 ° -26' -06" BT.

The strategic location is supported by the hinterland area of industry, mining and plantations.

Dumai Port is the port status of the cultivated public and open to foreign trade, with one class predicate ports.

The Port of Dumai is located on the north central shores of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. It is an important regional and international trade center and an oil-rich city. In 2001, more than 174 thousand people lived in the Port of Dumai.

The Port of Dumai is located in the north and east parts of the city, facing the Malacca Strait and Rupat Island. The Port of Dumai is a busy port visited by commercial vessels and ships of the Indonesian National Navy. The Port of Indonesia Corporate I is the port authority for the Port of Dumai.

In 2006, the Port of Dumai handled 6.9 million tons of cargo on 5865 vessels, including 5.3 million tons of foreign exports, 418.4 thousand tons of foreign imports, and 1.2 million tons of inter-island trade. By far the largest category of cargo through the Port of Dumai was palm oil (5.5 million tons). Other cargoes included fertilizers, general cargo, and rice. Furthermore, the Port of Dumai served over 330 thousand passengers on international trips and almost 333 thousand passengers on domestic trips.

The Port of Dumai Passenger Terminal contains 640 square meters to serve domestic travelers and 360 square meters for international travelers. The Port of Dumai contains storage areas with a total of 19 thousand square meters of area and capacity for 30.5 tons of cargo. There is a 6.7 thousand square meter warehouse in parking lot.

The Port of Dumai contains six berths a total 885 meters long. The cargo berth is 348 meters long with alongside depth of 9 meters. The multi-purpose berth is 400 meters long with alongside depth of 10 meters. The KPilot boat berth is 34 meters long with alongside depth of 6 meters. The Tug Boat berth is 8 meters long with alongside depth of 9 meters. The Ferry berth is 20 meters long with alongside depth of 2 meters, and the Pelra berth is 75 meters long with alongside depth of 3 meters.

The Port of Dumai is not a very popular tourist destination, but it is a major ferry port connecting travelers to other cities in Malaysia and Malacca.

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