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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dumai Industrial Park

Strategic Location
Dumai Industrial Park is located in Kecamatan Medang Kampai, Dumai, Riau Province, Indonesia, with a total area of 1.000 hectare.

Dumai Industrial Park is strategically located alongside Rupat Straits opposite the famous Melaka Straits. It is convinienthy located 25 km away from the Dumai City, alongside the provinces main road with easy acces.

Dumai Industrial Park has been declared as Palm Oil Industrial Cluster by the government of Indonesia, due to its great potential for palm oil based industries. Palm oil being the major commodity of Riau Province.

Development Area
Total area:
- Phase 1 : 400 ha
- Phase 2 : 600 ha
Built area to set aside for every plot
- Front : 8 – 10 meters
- Side : 6 meters
- Back : 4 meters


Port Specification

- Length of outer Wharf 426 meter + 2 unit Berthing Dolphine, can be berthed by 2 ships @ 50.000 DWT
- Length of inner Wharf 290 meter + 2 unit Berthing Dolphine, can be berthed by 2 ships @ 10.000 DWT.
Other specification:
- Draft : Outer – 14 LWS, Inner -10 LWS
- Tides : 1.3-2.8 m

Port Facilities
Loading / unloading facilities:
- Conveyor system for unloading bulk commodities: capacity up to 400 TPH
- Pipeline for loading/unloading liquid cargo: 12 lines with capacity up to 700 TPH
- Mobile crane facility for loading/unloading cargos in bag, with a capacity of 25-25 TPH
- Discharge hopper 50 TPH
- Grab Shell
- Loading Conveyor PKE/Nut Shell

The special port of Dumai Industrial Park is certified in accordance with the ISPS CODE (International Code for the Security is Ships and Port Facilities) i.e. Statement of Compliance of a facilities No 02/056-DV.


Power Plant

Dumai Industrial Park has power plant to supply electricity for industries. Current capacity is 50 MW. Fuel used is mostly biomass, coal and diesel.

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
Dumai Industrial Park provides Water Treatment Plant (WTP) with current capacity 850m3/hour.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
Dumai Industrial Park provides Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with current capacity 150m3/hour. Waste water being discharged to the sewerage system should meet the prevailing waste water standard quality.


Storage Tanks

Dumai Industrial Park has bulking terminal facility for Palm Oil Product. The capacity is 210.000 tons in 51 units oil tanks. It can be extended up to 400.000 tons storage capacity depending on future market demamds.

Palm Oil Receiving via road tanks
The BT has 7 receiving bay to receive incoming palm oil product via road tanks, each with capacity of 27 MT. Each bay can receive palm oil from 3 different trucks at the same time, which will be pumped to the palm oil tanks. The pumps are of discharge capacity 150 MT/hour and hence a truck of carrying 25 MT of liquid cargo can be emptied within 25-30 min.

Since the BT is equipped to receive palm oil product form 3 different trucks at the same time for each of its 7 tanks, hence cargos from 21 trucks can be unloaded at the same time. Also since each truck can carry cargo up to 25 MT, the overall unloading capacity of the BT is 21 Trucks x 25 MT = 525 MT/30 minutes.
The pumps storage tanks completed with heating facilities.

Receiving / Discharge Palm Oil Product Lines via Ships / Barge
To ensure the smooth operations for receiving/discharging palm oil or its derivatives via ships/barge, Bulking Terminal is equipped with pipe lines for Palm Oil and Biodiesel Product from Bulking Terminal to KID Port.

The quality parameters that can be analyzed at Bulking Terminal Laboratory as follow foreign and international specification.

Fuel Oil and Methanol
Inside Dumai Industrial Park there are also companies under Wilmar Group which trade in and distribute fuel oil dan methanol product.
- PT Petro Andalan Nusantara (Petrolium)
- PT Wilmar Chemical Indonesia (Methanol)

Some of Companies in Dumai Industrial Park
- PT Murini Samsam (Palm Oil Mill)
- PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia (Refinery & Fractionation)
- PT Wilmar Bioenergi Indonesia (Biodiesel)
- PT Sentana Adidaya Pratama (Fertilizer)
- PT Petro Andalan Nusantara (Fuel Oil Trading)
- PT Wilmar Chemical Indonesia (Methanol Trading)
- PT Ciliandra Perkasa (Refinery & Biodiesel)



Jalan Pulau Sumatera
Kawasan Industri Dumai
Pelintung – Medang Kampai
Dumai, 28816
Ph.   (+62 765) 440333
Fax. (+62 765) 440334
Email : sales.kid@wilmar.co.id


B&G Tower Lt 7
Jalan Puteri Hijau No 10
Medan, 20111
Ph.  (+62 61) 4145777 (hunting)
Ph.  (+62 61) 41027777 (hunting)
Fax. (+62 61) 4154891
Fax. (+62 61) 4143159

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