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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Formed Team Watch LPG

DUMAI - In order to monitor and control prices prevailing among agents and retailers of LPG  the Department of Trade and Industry (Industry and Trade) Dumai form a task force team.

"The team will monitor the price and size 3 Kg LPG supply in the market after raising the size of 12 Kg LPG prices by Pertamina," said Acting Head of the Department of Industry Dumai, Zulkarnain, Friday ( 3/1/2014).

Disperindag Besides, this team involve the Police, Economic Section, municipal police and other relevant agencies.

Dikhawatir 12 kg LPG price hike will adversely affect the supply of LPG 3 kg. Initially, many people are leaving the big tube LPG. With the ever rising price of gas then certainly a small tube will be increasingly invaded .

Thinning level, harrga 12 kg LPG market ranged between Rp135.000 to 150,000. While the size of 3 kg sold Rp17.000 to Rp22.000. In fact, this small tube gas HET only Rp14.700.

"We hope that does not happen kelanggan 3 kg gas tube due to a large increase in the price of bottled gas. Monitoring team will do the price and also the number of tubes that circulate in the market," he explained.

Anticipating the shortage, the Department of Industry has proposed an additional quota of 3 kg gas tube size to 10,000 tubes per day. Although the proposed mid-December, but has not been able response from the PT Pertamina.(*)

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Friday, 18 October 2013

BRI Dumai Make Simpedes Folk Festival

DUMAI - Bank Rakyat Indonesia ( BRI ) Dumai branch held a full day Simpedes Folk Festival in Taman Bukit Gelanggang, Saturday ( 19/10 ) as the top half of the draw Simpedes II in 2013 with the main prize of a car that will be drawn directly Xenia Dumai Mayor Khairul Anwar, plus hundreds of other prizes as well as door prizes in the form of hundreds of goods - electronic goods.

"BRI Simpedes Folk Festival will also be filled with cheap bazaar and a local band Dumai race , will take place from 07.00 until 23.00 pm. Starting with a parade Simpedes gifts of branches from Jalan Sultan Syarif Kasim up to the event location in Bukit arena," Ferdinand said Simanjuntak, Folk Festival Committee Chairman Simpedes accompanying BRI BRI Branch Manager Dumai, Adi Widya Prakasa, yesterday.

According to Ferdinand, Simpedes Folk festival is held five times a BRI branch Dumai massively to provide great opportunities - Simpedes possible for savers enjoy their special day for a BRI customers.

Adi added Widya Initiative, the development of rural savings each year Dumai BRI experiencing exciting growth, characterized by high growth in public funds collected by BRI.

"Given the high public interest in using the facility Simpedes savings, then this year will also add one more unit at BRI Rupat Island BRI units thereby increasing office Dumai into eight units entirely," said Adi.(*)

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Achin, Red and White Flag Trial Insult

DUMAI - Broderick Chin (49), the defendant abused the flag, on Tuesday (09/24/2013) trial. Agenda inaugural session reading the indictment.

Leaders PT Kreasijaya Adhykaria, Malaysian subsidiary, PT Kuala Lumpur soothers defendant sitting in a chair. The trial was led by Chairman PN Dumai Barita Saragih accompanied by two judges Eduart Sihaloho MP and Muhammad Chandra.

Prosecutor read the charges. The prosecutor present Wahyu Hidayat SH and SH Lignauli Theresia. Evidence such as drawstring Achin and White Red Flag is also shown at the trial.

In the indictment, allegedly sexually harassed Achin Red and White flag ahead of the 68th Anniversary of RI. Malaysian citizen was charged under Law No 24 of 2009 article 26, on Flag, Language, and the State Emblem and Anthem.

Incident began when the defendant asked for a new flag. Defendant asked about it on Friday (16/8) around 16.00 pm.

Achin ask the staff in the room at the administration, about the flag has been installed or not.

When he found out there is no new flag, and defendant said, 'if there is no new flags, so I only wear panties white color, while insert hand into the pants. Red asked moms the same,' he said at the time.

Not received by that, some employees make statements to the police station Dumai, Saturday (17/8), after the celebration of the Independence Day ceremony at the offices located at Jalan Datuk Laksamana, Dumai. (*)

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bring 'Sabu-shabu' of Malaysian Caught in Dumai

DUMAI - The young woman with the initials Nur (28) was caught carrying shabu-shabu. Illicit goods brought from Malaysia. Illicit drug shabu (methapethamine) weighing 1.623 Kg successfully secured this woman.

He caught the Custom and Excise officers at the port of Dumai Dumai passengers, Monday (16/9/2013), at around 12:00 pm. When dropped from ferry boats that depart from Melaka, this woman was arrested officers.

When X-ray examination, as was done for all passengers from abroad, officials suspect that carried the backpack contents Jambi born woman. Not just once. Officers to three times the Nur irradiate his backpack.

Officers also see the nervousness of a short-haired woman. No doubt, the officers immediately took him to the examination room. Her purse backpack was searched.

And really what Dumai BC officers suspicion. Rear of the backpack, officers got there is something behind the wall that had been stitched backpack again. When torn, officers got a shabu-shabu.

Officers get a clean white powder packaged in brown paper wrappers. Moments later weighed at 1.6 kg more.

Nur had denied having the package. He claimed not to what is hidden in a backpack. "The usual. Course they will not admit to," said BC head pf Dumai, Dwijo Muryono, when ekpose to the media last night.

"The findings of the package is the biggest catch of this 2013," said Dwijo this year, adding that the institute has three catch someone carrying drugs from abroad.(dto)

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Friday, 6 September 2013

Ships Dock C Most Visited

DUMAI - The total number of loading and unloading of various types of goods through three docks in the port of Dumai General until June June 2013 nearly 4 million tons of total 639 ships call visits.

Of the three piers that are currently managed by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I Dumai branch, pier most visited by ships from various countries are better known C dock with dock multiphurpose.

"Pier C is multiphorpose dock that is designed to disandari various types of ships such as tankers and container and dry bulk , " explained Harianja, General Manager of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I Dumai branch.

Until the middle of this year, he added, the number of visits to the wharf C. ship reaches 236 call with the number of loading and 1.2 million tons. "This type of ships that dock at the pier multiphurpose dominated by dry bulk transport vessels such as Palm Kernel Ekspeller (PKE), better known by the cake," he said.

C dock conveyor equipped with facilities that are connected with several warehouses buildup. "To speed up and facilitate the process of loading and unloading of dry bulk cargo type , we are equipped with the C dock facilities and a warehouse stacking conveyor," said Harianja.

Number of ship visits in the dock as much as 213 B is a call to total unloading of approximately 2.2 million tons. This dock has its own characteristics due to special projected for berthing ships transporting Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and its derivatives. For the man the dock port is better known as Liquid Bulk Terminal (LBT) as it is equipped with various facilities for handling bulk liquid .
"Pier B has its own characteristics as liquid bulk dock. The dock is equipped with a pipe as CPO and its derivative handling facilities that connect with existing shore tank facilities," said Harianja explained.
A dock while total visits to the ship until June 2013 with a total of 190 call unloading approximately 580,000 tons . This dock is better known by the general cargo dock for mooring ships in the dock is the boat general portering.(*)

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Achin Case Submitted to Attorney

DUMAI - The case of flag abuse allegedly committed managers PT Kreasijaya Adhykaria, Broedrick Chin, continued treatment. It Malaysians case file as a suspect was handed over to the State Attorney Dumai.

Dumai Police Chief AKP Yuni Kurniawan contacted by the Head of the Criminal Police Reser Dumai, AKP Bayu Abrams, Thursday (29/8), explain pihakya had transferred the case file to Kejari Achin Dumai, Wednesday (28/8).

"Wednesday afternoon, the file name of the suspect has been bestowed to our prosecution," he said. With the handover, called Bayu, it was waiting for further instructions from the Attorney.

With the transfer, the investigators concluded that all files Satreskrim, description, and is considered to be sufficient evidence to prosecute suspects symbol of harassment.

Separately, Chief of General Crimes Section Dian Herdiman, justify harassment case file on behalf of the state simbil Achin already entered and sent Dumai Police.

"Police have to enter Dumai Warrant Commencement of Investigation on August 22, 2013, while the case file handed to prosecutors on August 28, 2013," he explained.

Achin charged under Law No. 24 of 2009 section 66 About symbol of the state. In Article 66 tesebut sounded, every person that damage, tearing, trampling, burning, or perform other actions with the intention of tarnishing, insulting, or demeaning honor the National Flag shall be punished with imprisonment of 5 years or a fine of not more Rp500.000.000.(*)

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